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The Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE) is a USAID initiative aimed at promoting sustainable natural resource management in the Congo Basin. The Congo Basin forest is the second largest contiguous moist tropical forest in the world and plays a key role in securing the livelihoods of Central African citizens. The forest also provides critical habitat for biodiversity conservation and supplies vital regional and worldwide ecological services. In recognition of the important role of the Congo Basin forest and amidst the increasing pressures facing the Congo Basin forest, CARPE works to reduce the rate of forest degradation and loss of biodiversity by supporting increased local, national, and regional natural resource management capacity. Use the 'CARPE Data Explorer' or 'CARPE Mapper' (from the "Tools" menu) to access and download geospatial data. With the Data Explorer, users can: access spatial data for the Congo Basin; download data and metadata from CARPE partners; and view, download and utilize available products (posters, maps), satellite imagery and GIS layers.