1997 - present
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United States Department of Agriculture - National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA)
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The USDA-National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Cropland Data Layer (CDL) is a publicly available geospatial raster dataset showing crop-specific land cover classification that focuses primarily on mapping cultivated fields and providing an update on the agriculture landscape in the United States. The Cropland Data Layer (CDL) program began in 1997 with the ability to deliver geospatial content annually to customers who were interested in annual crop land cover updates. The CDL can be considered a “Census by Satellite”, as it is a comprehensive land use classification (raster geospatial dataset) that covers an entire state, and uses ortho-rectified imagery, to accurately locate and identify field crops. CDL Geospatial data can be viewed and downloaded via the CropScape geoportal.