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The Duxiu database is a unique e-resources gateway. Different libraries who subscript to this database introduced it to their users in different ways, along with the rapid development of this database. The Library of Congress states: Duxiu is a comprehensive bibliographical index database covering over 2,7000,000 books and other materials including periodicals, newspapers, graduate theses, and conference proceedings. The Stanford University believes Duxiu is a Knowledge database. They states: Duxiu provides full-text access to over 2 million core Chinese monographs and journals, as well as over 500 yearbooks published in mainland China. Princeton University East Asia Library says: Basically, Duxiu looks like an enormous combined Google Scholar and Google Books for Chinese material. But Duxiu has its own characteristics; there is no real English equivalent. Duxiu is a huge content-based database composed of 600,000,000 full text pages, with very flexible searches (full-text, books, articles, theses, web pages, newspapers). In recent years, Duxiu added many very unique functions, such as Mutual Aid (users help each other for the resources they can share,) Inter-Library-Loan; Films & Television; Reference & Consultation, etc. Duxiu provides very quick online inter-library-loan services, their normal article delivery time can take a matter of a few minutes.