1981 - present
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Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia - DiputaciĆ³n Foral de Bizkaia
  • Basque culture
English, Spanish, French, Basque
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Eusko Bibliographia is a reference bibliographic database of Basque authors and themes. The core of this database is made up of the bibliographic compilation work undertaken by the emeritus bibliographer Jon Bilbao throughout his lifetime, and which was lent to the Regional Library of Bizkaia for its treatment and international dissemination. The documentary collection to date in this database refers to more than 100,000 bibliographic references from a variety of sources on the Basque culture. All the bibliographic references for the 1981-1994 period have already been entered, most of these remained unpublished and transferred. Bibliographic consultation can be conducted in Basque, French, English and Spanish and under many search criteria (author, title, keyword, legal deposit, standardized numbers, place of publication, name of publisher, place of printing, name of printer). The entries can be selected for saving and exporting in multiple formats. NOTE: To perform a search in this database click on the link "Bibliographic Query" located above the description.