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The ICSD contains an almost exhaustive list of known inorganic crystal structures published since 1913, including their atomic coordinates. In particular, the database provides information on: structural data of pure elements, minerals, metals, and intermetallic compounds structural descriptors (Pearson symbol, ANX formula, Wyckoff sequences) bibliographic data synthesis conditions All crystal structures contained in the database have been carefully evaluated and checked for quality by our expert editorial team. We continuously extract and abstract the original data from over 80 leading scientific journals and additional 1,900 scientific journals. ICSD is updated twice a year, each time adding approximately 3,000 new records. As the size of the ICSD has grown over time, we have continuously enhanced the quality of our data. At present, the ICSD contains 600 crystal structures of the elements 15,000 records for binary compounds 33,000 records for ternary compounds 35,000 records for quarternary and quintenary compounds Detailed information on the ICSD may be found in the scientific manual.