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Oxford Art Online provides searchable full text for five resources. (1) Grove Art Online contains the searchable full text of the original 34-volume Dictionary of Art (1996), with ongoing revisions and updates. Encyclopedic articles cover all aspects of the visual arts (painting, sculpture, graphics, contemporary art forms such as performance and installation, architecture, decorative arts, and photography) from prehistory to the present. History of film-making is excluded. (2) Benezit Dictionary of Artists is a searchable database including biographical entries and additional information for over 170,000 artists. (3) The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics contains over 600 searchable articles surveying major concepts, thinkers, and debates about the meaning, uses, and value of the arts. Also included in Oxford Art Online are full text of (4) The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms and (5) The Oxford Companion to Western Art. (Updates vary)