1941 - 1996
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  • SEE ALSO: Global Newsbank; SEE ALSO: FBIS 1977-1998 located in room 262D Memorial Library (behind the Reference Desk); SEE ALSO: World News Connection
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Electronic version of the FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Service) Daily Reports. In February 1941, the Roosevelt administration authorized the creation of the Foreign Broadcast Monitoring Service (FBMS). The mandate of the FBMS was to record, translate, transcribe and analyze foreign shortwave propaganda radio programs. In 1947 FBMS was renamed the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS). Its original mission was centered on radio and press agency monitoring and translation. But in 1967, FBIS' mission was expanded to include foreign mass media whether it was conveyed by radio, television, or print. The Readex FBIS electronic database consists of scanned copies of the paper issues of the various FBIS Daily Reports. Note also that the manner in which geographic regions have been grouped together or separated in FBIS has varied over time, particularly in the cases of Africa and South Asia. The years covered by the Readex FBIS database vary by geographical region, with coverage consisting of: A) Middle East and [North] Africa 1974-1987; B) Near East and South Asia 1987-1996; C) South Asia 1980-1987; D) Sub-Saharan Africa 1974-1980 E) Africa 1987-1996; F) China 1974-1996; G) Asia and the Pacific 1974-1987; H) East Asia 1987-1996; I)Latin America 1974-1996; J) Eastern Europe 1974-1996; K) Soviet Union/Central Asia 1974-1996; L) Western Europe 1974-1996.