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The OneSource Global Business Browser provides robust intelligence on over 16 million U.S. and Canadian firms as well as the top 100,000 international companies and 50,000 subsidiaries and branches of multinational companies located in developing countries. The database also includes over 18 million executive decision makers, company and industry analysts’ reports and hundreds of industries. ** Identify companies (by location, lines of business and size). ** Profile a public or private company, or non-profit organization. ** Track the latest news about customers or competitors. ** Research the trends and issues within an industry. ** Analyze the financial health and business status of clients. ** Compare the vital financial statistics of multiple companies. ** Export data to spreadsheets for further analysis and manipulation. ** Email alerts and online watch lists track changing information on key companies and topics by monitoring feature articles, news stories and analyst reports. Relevant news is highlighted automatically. For technology-focused organizations, OneSource Global Business Browser includes more than 18,000 IT profiles and 30,000 IT executive contacts, providing powerful insight regarding the size of the IT staff, individual IT execs, and the number of desktops and types of servers installed. Sales and marketing professionals can build technology-based prospect lists more quickly and understand how best to focus their efforts.

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