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Mallet Chemistry Library, in cooperation with the Digital Library Services Division of the University of Texas Libraries.
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An Index of Selected Thermodynamic and Physical Property Resources. ThermoDex contains records for selected printed and web-based compilations of thermochemical and thermophysical data for chemical compounds and other substances. You can select one or more compound types and link them to one or more property terms, and ThermoDex will return a list of handbooks that could contain these data. Please note that, due to copyright and technical considerations, the actual data are NOT contained in ThermoDex. Full records include title, a brief abstract explaining the work's scope and arrangement, the properties included, types of compounds included, as well as publisher and date. Web-based datasets are linked via their URLs. ThermoDex is based primarily on the holdings of the Mallet Chemistry Library at the University of Texas at Austin. Check your local library catalog for availability of these sources at your own institution.