UW Vegetable Pathology Updates and Field Reports

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  • Time-span 1995 - present
  • Subscription Type FREE
  • Publisher University of Wisconsin - Madison Plant Pathology Department
  • Languages English
  • Resource Types Statistics and Data
  • Description This web site was initially established to provide progress reports on field trials during the growing season. Current resources include: * Tentative plans for 2005 trials * Field trial reports from 1995-2004 (MS Word® and/or Acrobat®) * Progress reports from 2005 field trials will be available as data are collected and analyzed (to view on screen) * Vegetable crop updates as issued for 2005 (+ "archives" from previous years) * Weather data from four potato growing regions of WI during the growing season (to use in the WISDOM or Real Toolbox crop management programs) * P-Day and Severity Value accumulation for 4 potato growing regions of WI * PowerPoint® slide sets on various vegetable pathology topics * Links of interest to other web sites.