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CropMAP is a site-specific retrieval system to identify current and alternative crops. CropMAP is based on three concepts: (1) the development of an interactive map; (2) the incorporation of county crop statistics from the US Agricultural Census; and (3) the development of crop lists by state experts subdivided into traditional crops, recommended crops, experimental crops, and non recommended crops. Each crop is linked to detailed information available in our databases and enriched by extension information. To find state-specific crop information follow the CropSELECT links which appear on the county pages. If you can't find the crop you are interested in then the use the index and search links at the top of every page. Level III Ecoregions The level III ecoregions used in CropMAP were revised March 1999. They were obtained from the National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.