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**Resource is no longer available as of March 1, 2017. Please contact a librarian for other resource options. ** The Historical Census Browser from the University of Virginia provides access to federal census data from 1790-1960. Users can examine state and county topics, including age and family size, education and literacy, economy and employment, ethnicity, race, and place or birth, agriculture, and slave population. Users can examine topics for individual census years, examine multiple topics within a census year, produce tables of data by state or county, sort data by selected categories, create ratios between any two data categories, examine state and county topics over time, examine a topic across multiple census years, produce tables of data by state or county,and generate maps of selected data.


1790 - 1960

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United States Bureau of the Census; Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research; University of Virginia Library, Geospatial & Statistical Data Center


The data and terminology presented in the Historical Census Browser are drawn directly from historical volumes of the U.S. Census of Population and Housing.

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