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Digital Content Group, University of Wisconsin Libraries.
  • This was formerly an online database, which was deaccessioned and archived in September 2018. The data is available as an XML data archive hosted in the Minds@UW repository.
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This project was intended to assist researchers planning to use European libraries and archives. The archived version of the database is in XML format. The focus is on materials found in western European repositories from the Atlantic area eastward. Included are all kinds of archival and library resources available in Western Europe; thus the scope of the project includes resources useful for researchers studying Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas, as well as for researchers studying Europe. Likewise, "historical" resources are broadly defined to include not only those relevant to the traditional study of history, but also artistic, scientific, and other subjects with a historical dimension. The database unites web-based and printed resources which provide information about European libraries and archives. The collections of the University of Wisconsin-Madison form the basis for the printed materials and websites were gathered from a variety of sources. The database currently has over 5500 records. The data (Updated monthly)