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Aldrich Spectral Viewer with FT-IR and FT-NMR Libraries (In Library Only)

The Aldrich Spectral Viewer is an electronic book style program for searching, viewing and printing spectra and related structure and technical data. The Spectral Viewer libraries include the FT-NMR of 15,000 compounds and the FT-IR of 11,000 compounds. The types of compounds contained in the Spectral Viewer include hydrocarbons, ketones, aldehydes, salts, amides and many others. The libraries can be used separately or in combination to create a more comprehensive search. When started, the program will display the main screen of the spectral viewer. The product displayed at startup is Butane. (Not updated)



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Only available in campus libraries on library workstations.


Sigma-Aldrich/Aldrich FT-NMR library with spectral viewer, and Aldrich FT-IR library with spectral viewer

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Only available in campus libraries on library workstations.

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