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The Ecology and Natural Resources Collection brings together, in digital form, two categories of primary and secondary publications: writings about research in ecology and natural resources conducted by University of Wisconsin faculty and staff; and unique or valuable titles in these fields held by the University of Wisconsin Libraries. A wide range of materials in a variety of formats including electronic facsimiles of books, manuscripts, and important serial titles will be added to the collection on an ongoing basis. In addition, this collection will contain digitized images, including photographs and maps that librarians, scholars, and other subject specialists have deemed important to these fields of study. It is hoped that the search features of the collection will be a convenient aid to scholarship, study, and teaching of disciplines in the area of Ecology and Natural Resources. Due to the variety of formats in which these materials are presented, you may find yourself using a number of search interfaces as you explore the collection. The search interface is dependent upon the structure of the materials in question and each interface provides different options for searching, retrieving and displaying the material. Please do not hesitate to contact the Libraries if you have any questions regarding the use of this collection.