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100 1_ $aViana, Franco Leandro de.
245 10 $aLibro de cartas y consultas, dirigidas á S.M. y Sres. Ministros en el año de 1767 /$cpor Dn. Frco. Leandro de Viana, Fiscal de la rl. Auda. de Manila.
264 _0 $c1767.
300    $a51 pages, 1 unnumbered leaves, bound ;$c29 cm
336    $atext$btxt$2rdacontent
337    $aunmediated$bn$2rdamedia
338    $avolume$bnc$2rdacarrier
520    $aCopies of letters and memoranda written by Viana, fiscal of the Manila Audiencia, between Jan. 5 and May 1, 1767, to the marqués de Esquilache, secretary of state for the Indies Julián Arriaga, and king Charles III, concerning government corruption and abuses by the religious orders.$bIn his letter to Esquilache of Jan. 5, 1767, Viana outlines recommendations of his earlier report, "Demonstración del misero deplorable estado..," describing how his efforts to increase the revenues of the royal treasury have earned him the enmity of many officials, especially of governor Raón and Francisco Salgado. His memoranda of Jan. 22 and Feb. 6, 9, and 25, 1767 discuss how he saved the treasury 30,000 pesos when he prevented Raon's sale of the wine monopoly to Salgado for a ridiculously low price. Other memos concern abuses in the Justice Department, lack of control over management of government warehouses; and the tolerance of illegal commerce. A memo of Feb. 7, 1767 justifies his official conduct in investigating the cargo of the Moro ship "Sultaness Vegam." His last memo, dated May 1, 1767, attacks the excessive power enjoyed by the religious orders, and their abuses of the Filipinos, including their refusal to teach the natives Spanish, their interference with trade between Spaniards and Filipinos; and their failure to establish villages and schools due to factional fighting within the orders. The fiscal recommends visitation of the villages by ordinaries in order to curb abuses by the friars and to ensure that they do not participate in secular or commercial affairs.
500    $aLeaves 47-51 are blank.
500    $aMounted, inside front cover: one unsigned leaf of a letter from Viana to the king, describing the report which Viana sent to the king in 1766.
500    $aIncludes table of contents.
500    $aOwnership stamp of W.E. Retana on leaf [1] at the end.
500    $aAcquired by Edward Ayer from Madrid bookseller Pedro Vindel in 1904.
510 4_ $aButler, R.L. Check list of the mss. in the Ayer Coll.,$c1455
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500    $aBound in green velvet.
500    $aEnglish translation of some sections of the ms. in The Philippine Islands / ed. Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson. Cleveland : The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1907, v. 50, p. 91, 92, 118-136.
530    $aAvailable on microfilm at the Newberry Library.
535 1_ $aLocation of original: Newberry Library, Special Collections,$b60 W. Walton St., Chicago, IL 60610.
500    $aForms part of the Edward E. Ayer Manuscript Collection (Newberry Library)
546    $aIn Spanish.
600 10 $aViana, Franco Leandro de.
600 10 $aSalgado, Francisco Xavier.
600 10 $aRaon, José,$d-1770.
650 _0 $aMonasticism and religious orders$zPhilippines$xHistory$y18th century$vSources.
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650 _0 $aGovernment monopolies$zPhilippines$xHistory$y18th century$vSources.
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651 _0 $aPhilippines$xCommerce$xHistory$y18th century$vSources.
651 _0 $aPhilippines$xHistory$y18th century$vSources.
655 _7 $aMemoranda$zPhilippines$zManila$y1767.$2aat
700 1_ $aSquillace, Leopoldo de Gregorio,$cmarqués de,$d-1785.
700 1_ $aArriaga, Julián de.
700 0_ $aCharles$bIII,$cKing of Spain,$d1716-1788.
700 1_ $aRetana, W. E.$q(Wenceslao Emilio),$d1862-1924.
700 1_ $aVindel, Pedro.
710 2_ $aEdward E. Ayer Manuscript Collection (Newberry Library)
710 2_ $aNewberry Library.$kManuscript.$nAyer MS 1455.
830 _0 $aPhilippine documents in the Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library.
994    $aX0$bGZM
997    $aMARCIVE


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