Computer network attack and international law

Symposium on Computer Network Attack and International Law (1999 : Naval War College)


  • Symposium on Computer Network Attack and International Law (1999 : Naval War College)

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • CNE and CNA in the network-centric battlespace : challenges for operators and lawyers / Arthur K. Cebrowski -- Technology and law : the evolution of digital warfare / David Tubbs, Perry G. Luzwick, Walter Gary Sharp, Sr.-- A different kettle of fish : computer network attack / Roger W. Barnett -- Information operations, information warfare, and computer network attack : their relationship to national security in the information age / Daniel T. Kuehl -- International law, cybernetics, and cyberspace / Anthony D'Amato -- Computer network attack as a use of force under Article 2(4) of the United Nations Charter / Daniel B. Silver -- Computer network attacks and self-defense / Yoram Dinstein -- Self-defense against computer network attack under international law / Horace B. Robertson, Jr.-- Computer networks, proportionality, and military operations / James H. Doyle, Jr.-- Some thoughts on computer network attack and the international law of armed conflict / Louise Doswald-Beck -- Wired warfare : computer network attack and the jus in bello / Michael N. Schmitt -- Proportionality, cyberwar, and the law of war / Ruth G. Wedgwood -- Neutrality and information warfare / George K. Walker -- Information operations in the space law arena : science fiction becomes reality / Douglas S. Anderson and Christopher R. Dooley -- Fourth dimensional intelligence : thoughts on espionage, law, and cyberspace / David M. Crane -- Computer network attacks by terrorists : some legal dimensions / John F. Murphy -- Meeting the challenge of cyberterrorism : defining the military role in a democracy / Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.-- "Weapons like to lightning" US information operations and US treaty obligations / Jeffrey H. Smith and Gordon N. Lederman -- International law of armed conflict and computer network attack : developing the rules of engagement / Brian T. O'Donnell and James C. Kraska ...-- Responding to attacks on critical computer infrastructure : what targets? what rules of engagement? / James P. Terry -- Is it time for a treaty on information warfare? / Phillip A. Johnson
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