Unilateralism and U.S. foreign policy : international perspectives

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  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 435-454) and index.


  • Unilateralism and U.S. foreign policy: international perspectives / David M. Malone and Yuen Foong Khong -- A decade of U.S. unilateralism? / David M. Malone -- Weak as constraint, strong as tool: the place of international law in U.S. foreign policy / Nico Krisch -- The United States and the international criminal court / Georg Nolte -- Credibility at stake: domestic supremacy in U.S. Human rights policy / Rosemary Foot -- Unilateralism, multilateralism, and U.S. Drug diplomacy in Latin America / Mónica Serrano -- The United Nations and the United States: an indispensable partnership / Kishore Mahbubani -- UN peace operations and U.S. Unilateralism and multilateralism / Ramesh Thakur -- The unilateral and multilateral use of force by the United States / Ekaterina Stepanova -- In search of absolute security: U.S. nuclear policy / Qingguo Jia -- U.S. nonproliferation policy after the Cold War / Kanti Bajpai -- U.S. trade policy: alternative tacks or parallel tracks? / Per Magnus Wijkman -- The United States in the global financial arena / Toyoo Gyohten -- Turning its back to the world? The United States and climate change policy / Lucas Assunção -- The United States and Latin America: multilateralism and international legitimacy / Gelson Fonseca, Jr.-- The United States and Africa: malign neglect / Christopher Landsberg -- The United States and the Asia-Pacific: bilateralism plus "multilateralism à la carte" / Andrew Mack -- The United States and NATO: A selective approach to multilateralism / Sophia Clément -- Resisting the unilateral impulse: Multilateral engagement and the future of U.S. leadership / David M. Malone and Yuen Foong Khong
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