The new handbook of research on music teaching and learning : a project of the Music Educators National Conference

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Pt. I. Policy and Philosophy / Edited by John W. Richmond -- Introduction / John W. Richmond -- 1. Policy Frameworks, Research, and K-12 Schooling / Samuel Hope -- 2. MENC: A Case in Point / John J. Mahlmann -- 3. Recent Trends and Issues in Policy Making / Ralph A. Smith -- 4. Law Research and Music Education / John W. Richmond -- 5. Philosophical Issues in Curriculum / Estelle R. Jorgensen -- 6. Educating Musically / Wayne Bowman -- 7. Philosophical Perspectives on Research / David J. Elliott -- Pt. II. Educational Context and the Curriculum / Edited by Peter Webster and Nancy Whitaker -- Introduction: Toward an Understanding of the "Aims" of Music Education / Ian Westbury -- 8. Contemporary Curriculum Practices and Their Theoretical Bases / Betty Hanley and Janet Montgomery -- 9. Theory, Research, and the Improvement of Music Education / Ian Westbury -- 10. Critical Thinking / Betty Ann Younker -- 11. Improvisation / Christopher D. Azzara -- 12. Improvisation and Curriculum Reform / Edward Sarath -- 13. Adult Education / Don D. Coffman -- 14. Music and Early Childhood Education / Joyce Jordan-DeCarbo and Jo Ann Nelson -- 15. Systematic Research in Studio Instruction in Music / Richard Kennell -- 16. Distance Learning and Collaboration in Music Education / Fred J. Rees -- Pt. III. Musical Development and Learning / Edited by Hildegard Froehlich -- Introduction: Looking Multiple Ways in Research / Rosamund Shuter-Dyson -- 17. Learning Theories as Roots of Current Musical Practice and Research / Laurie Taetle and Robert Cutietta -- 18. Systematic Instruction / Barak Rosenshine, Hildegard Froehlich and Inshad Fakhouri -- 19. Behavioral Research on Direct Music Instruction / Patricia E. Sink -- 20. Self-Regulation of Musical Learning: A Social Cognitive Perspective / Gary E. McPherson and Barry J. Zimmerman -- 21. Motivation and Achievement / Martin L. Maehr, Paul R. Pintrich and Elizabeth A. Linnenbrink -- 22. Developmental Characteristics of Music Learners / Maria Runfola and Keith Swanwick -- 23. Creativity Research in Music, Visual Art, Theater, and Dance / Maud Hickey -- 24. Computer-Based Technology and Music Teaching and Learning / Peter R. Webster -- Pt. IV. Musical Cognition and Development / Edited by Andreas Lehmann -- Introduction: Music Perception and Cognition / Andreas C. Lehmann -- 25. The Neurobiology of Music Cognition and Learning / Wilfried Gruhn and Frances Rauscher -- 26. Cognitive Constraints on Music Listening / William Forde Thompson and E. Glenn Schellenberg -- 27. The Development of Musical Abilities / Heiner Gembris -- 28. A Comparative Review of Human Ability Theory: Context, Structure, and Development / Bruce Torff -- 29. Making Music and Making Sense Through Music: Expressive Performance and Communication / Reinhard Kopiez -- 30. Taking an Acquired Skills Perspective on Music Performance / Andreas C. Lehmann and Jane W. Davidson -- Pt. V. Social and Cultural Contexts / Edited by Marie McCarthy -- Introduction: Social and Cultural Contexts of Music Teaching and Learning / Marie McCarthy -- 31. The Sociology of Education and Connections to Music Education Research / Stephen J. Paul and Jeanne H. Ballantine -- 32. Perspectives from the Sociology of Music / Renate Mueller -- 33. Social Psychology and Music Education / Adrian C. North, David J. Hargreaves and Mark Tarrant -- 34. Music, Culture, Curriculum, and Instruction / Barbara Reeder Lundquist -- 35. Feminism, Feminist Research, and Gender Research in Music Education: A Selective Review / Roberta Lamb, Lori-Anne Dolloff and Sondra Wieland Howe -- 36. The Social Construction of Music Teacher Identity in Undergraduate Music Education Majors / Paul G. Woodford -- 37. Transforming Research in Music Education History / Gordon Cox -- 38. Music Transmission and Learning: A Conspectus of Ethnographic Research in Ethnomusicology and Music Education / C. K. Szego -- 39. Community Music: Toward an International Overview / Kari Veblen and Bengt Olsson -- Pt. VI. Music Teacher Education / Edited by Liz Wing and Janet R. Barrett -- Introduction: Fuzzy Teacher Education / James Raths -- 40. Reform-Minded Music Teachers: A More Comprehensive Image of Teaching for Music Teacher Education / Dennis Thiessen and Janet R. Barrett -- 41. Teaching as a Profession: Two Variations on a Theme / Randall Pembrook and Cheryl Craig -- 42. Changing Concepts of Teacher Education / Glenn E. Nierman, Ken Zeichner and Nikola Hobbel -- 43. Strengthening the Teaching of Music Educators in Higher Education / Susan Wilcox and Rena Upitis -- 44. Research by Teachers on Teacher Education / Mary Leglar and Michelle Collay -- 45. Research in Music Student Teaching / Roger Rideout and Allan Feldman -- 46. Professional Development / Mary Ross Hookey -- Pt. VII. Music Education Connections / Edited by David Myers -- Introduction: The Growing Impact of Partnerships: A Reason for Research / Richard J. Deasy -- 47. Policy Issues in Connecting Music Education with Arts Education / David E. Myers and Arthur C. Brooks -- 48. The Evaluation of Arts Partnerships and Learning in and Through the Arts / Hal Abeles, Mary Hafeli and Robert Horowitz / [et al.] -- 49. The "Use and Abuse" of Arts Advocacy and Its Consequences for Music Education / Constance Bumgarner Gee -- 50. Research in Visual Art Education: Implications for Music / Lynn Galbraith -- 51. A Review of Research in Theater, Dance, and Other Performing Arts Education: Implications for Music / Kent Seidel -- Pt. VIII. Neuroscience, Medicine, and Music / Edited by John W. Flohr -- Introduction / John W. Flohr -- 52. Music and Neuroscience / John W. Flohr and Donald A. Hodges -- 53. Performing Arts Medicine / Alice G. Brandfonbrener and Richard J. Lederman -- 54. Musicians' Health / Kris Chesky, George Kondraske and Miriam Henoch / [et al.] -- Pt. IX. Outcomes in General Education / Edited by Michael L. Mark -- Introduction / Michael L. Mark -- 55. Nonmusical Outcomes of Music Education: Historical Considerations / Michael L. Mark -- 56. Teaching Other Subjects Through Music / Merryl Goldberg and Carol Scott-Kassner -- 57. Research: A Foundation for Arts Education Advocacy / Liora Bresler -- Pt. X. Research Design, Criticism, and Assessment in Music Education / Edited by Jack J. Heller and Nicholas DeCarbo -- Introduction: Scholarly Inquiry and the Research Process / Jack J. Heller and Nicholas DeCarbo -- 58. Maintaining Quality in Research and Reporting / Jack J. Heller and Edward J. P. O'Connor -- 59. Trends in Data Acquisition and Knowledge Development / Lee R. Bartel and Rudolf E. Radocy -- 60. Assessment's Potential in Music Education / Richard Colwell -- 61. Contemporary Issues in Qualitative Research and Music Education / David J. Flinders and Carol P. Richardson
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