A kabuki reader : history and performance

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Samuel L. Leiter, editor
  • Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, [2002]
  • ©2002
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  • xxxii, 430 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780765607041, 0765607042, 9780765607058, 0765607050

  • "An east gate book."
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 391-398) and index.

  • Introduction / Samuel L. Leiter -- Pt. 1. Kabuki History. 1. The Performing Arts of Sixteenth-Century Japan: A Prelude to Kabuki / Andrew T. Tsubaki. 2. Origins of Kabuki Acting in Medieval Japanese Drama / Laurence R. Kominz. 3. Bakufu Versus Kabuki / Donald H. Shively. 4. Nakamura Shichisaburo I and the Creation of Edo-Style Wagoto / Holly A. Blumner. 5. Episodes in the Career of the Kabuki Actor Nakamura Utaemon III, Including His Rivalry with Arashi Rikan I / Charles J. Dunn. 6. Flowers of Edo: Eighteenth-Century Kabuki and Its Patrons / C. Andrew Gerstle. 7. Hiiki Renchu (Theatre Fan Clubs) In Osaka in the Early Nineteenth Century / Susumu Matsudaira. 8. Kabuki Goes Official: The 1878 Opening of the Shintomi-za / Yuichiro Takahashi. 9. Breaking the Kabuki Actors' Barriers: 1868-1900 / Faith Bach. 10. Communist Kabuki: A Contradiction in Terms? / Brian Powell. 11. New (Neo) Kabuki and the Work of Hanagumi Shibai / Natsuko Inoue -- Pt. 2. Kabuki Performance. 12. From Gay to Gei: The Onnagata and the Creation of Kabuki's Female Characters / Samuel L. Leiter. 13. Actor, Role, and Character: their Multiple Interrelationships in Kabuki / Barbara E. Thornbury. 14. Kabuki: Signs, Symbols, and the Hieroglyphic Actor / Leonard C. Pronko. 15. The Tsurane of Shibaraku: Communicating the Power of Identity / Katherine Saltzman-Li. 16. Conjuring Kuzunoha from the World of Abe no Seimei / Janet E. Goff. 17. Miracle at Yaguchi Ferry: A Japanese Puppet Play and Its Metamorphosis to Kabuki / Stanleigh H. Jones, Jr. 18. Kabuki and the Elizabethan Theatre / Leonard C. Pronko -- Pt. 3. Surveying the Field. 19. Kabuki: Changes and Prospects: An International Symposium / James R. Brandon. 20. Kabuki as National Culture: A Critical Survey of Japanese Kabuki Scholarship / William Lee
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