Coloring the nation : race and ethnicity in the Dominican Republic

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Howard, David, 1969-
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David Howard
  • Oxford, United Kingdom : Signal Books ; Boulder, Colo. : L. Rienner Publishers, 2001
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  • x, 227 pages : 1 map ; 24 cm
9781902669106, 190266910X, 9781902669113, 1902669118, 9781555879730, 155587973X, 9781555879983, 1555879985

  • Includes bibliographical references (pages [212]-224) and index.

  • 1. Introduction. Race, racism and identity. The location of research -- 2. La Raza Dominicana and Haiti. Race and the development of Dominican society. Dominican-Haitian history and la raza dominicana. Anti-Haitianism. Ambiguity and the indio-myth -- 3. Race, Color and Class in Dominican Society. The development of social classes in the Dominican Republic. Race and class in the three study sites. Race, class and the Dominican nation -- 4. Race and Ethnicity: Gendered, Domesticated and Sanctified. Cultures of patriarchy. Household structure and the role of women. Race, gender and images of the body. Religion: racialized and gendered -- 5. The Dominican Republic: A Transnational Society. The history of Dominican migration. Migrant characteristics. Influences of migration in the sending society. Remittances. Household transformation in the transnational community. Transnationalism and racial identity. The influence of the United States -- 6. Race and Negritud in Dominican Literature. Introduction. The color aesthetic. Contemporary poetry and prose. Expressing negritud -- 7. Race and Nation in Dominican Politics. Nationalism and racism. Dominican electioneering in the 1990s: the politics of race. The Haitian context in contemporary politics. Nationalism and the international conspiracy. Pena Gomez: the failure to confront racism. Beyond racialized politics? -- 8. Conclusion: Race and Ethnicity in the Dominican Republic. Race. Ethnicity. Raza unites, race divides. Multicoloring the nation: common-sense policy
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