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[Las bulas de Alejandro VI]

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  • In Latin.
  • Title and related information from label tipped in the companion volume by Alfonso García Gallo with title Las bulas de Alejandro VI sobre el Nuevo Mundo descubierto por Colón (Tabula Americae 22, LC record 94-122920) which includes transcripts and Spanish translations of the documents.
  • Full-color facsims. of originals held by Spanish and Portuguese archives. The documents reproduced are: by Sixtus IV: the bull Aeterni Regis, of Jun. 21, 1481; by Alexander VI: Inter caetera of May 3, 1493, Inter caetera of May 4, 1493, and Dudum siquidem of Sept. 25, 1493; by Alfonsus, Archbishop of Toledo: a proclamation (which includes the whole text of Alexander VI's Inter caetera of May 4, 1493) dated May 9, 1530.
  • "Una edición facsímil de 980 ejemplares, numerados del 1 al 980, con destino al mercado nacional e internacional en coedición con el Ministerio de Cultura, Quinto Centenario, Testimonio Compañia Editorial ... Forman parte de esta misma edición 42 ejemplares numeradosen romano ... así como 100 no venales ..."

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