America becoming : racial trends and their consequences


  • Research Conference on Racial Trends in the United States (1998 : Washington, D.C.)

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  • Papers based on the Research Conference on Racial Trends in the United States, held in June 1997.
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.


  • v. 1. Introduction / Neil J. Smelser, William Julius Wilson, and Faith Mitchell ; An overview of trends in social and economic well-being, by race / Rebecca M. Blank ; An overview of racial and ethnic demographic trends / Gary D. Sandefur ... [et al.] ; Hispanics in a multicultural society: a new American dilemma? / Albert M. Camarillo and Frank Bonilla ; Trends among American Indians in the United States / Russell Thornton ; Political trends and electoral issues of the Asian Pacific American population / Don T. Nakanishi ; Contemporary immigration and the dynamics of race and ethnicity / Min Zhou ; The changing meaning of race / Michael A. Omi ; Racial attitudes and relations at the close of the twentieth century / Lawrence D. Bobo ; Racial trends and scapegoating: bringing in a comparative focus / Anthony W. Marx -- Affirmative action: legislative history, judicial interpretations, public consensus / Carol M. Swain ; Test-score trends along racial lines, 1971-1996: popular culture and community academic standards / Ronald F. Ferguson ; Residential segregation and neighborhood conditions in U.S. metropolitan areas / Douglas S. Massey ; Geography and opportunity / Manuel Pastor, Jr. -- v. 2. Racial trends in the administration of criminal justice / Randall Kennedy ; Race and criminal justice / Alfred Blumstein ; Commentary on Randall Kennedy's overview of the justice system / Darnell F. Hawkins ; Race and ethnicity in the labor market: trends over the short and long term / James P. Smith ; Racial differences in labor market outcomes among men / Harry J. Holzer ; Racial trends in labor market and wages: women / Cecilia A. Conrad ; Ethnic and racial differences in welfare receipt in the United States / Robert A. Moffitt and Peter T. Gottschalk ; Labor force trends: the military as data / John Sibley Butler and Charles C. Moskos ; Trends in minority-owned business / Thomas D. Boston ; Wealth and racial stratification / Melvin L. Oliver and Thomas M. Shapiro ; Racial and ethnic differences in health: Recent trends, current patterns future directions / Raynard S. Kington and Henry W. Nickens ; Racial and ethnic trends in children's and adolescents' behavior and development / Vonnie C. McLoyd and Betsy Lozoff ; The health of minority children in the year 2000: the role of government programs in improving the health status of America's children / Renée R. Jenkins ; Racial variations in adult health status: patterns, paradoxes and prospects / David R. Williams ; Health-care use in the veterans health administration: racial trends and the spirit of inquiry / Eugene Z. Oddone ... [et al.]
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