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Journey to diverse microbial worlds : adaptation to exotic environments

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  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.


  • A vista into the diverse microbial worlds: an introduction / J. Seckbach & A. Oren -- The diversity of fossil microorganisms in Archaen-age rocks / F. Westall & M.M. Walsh -- Prokaryotic diversity / F.A. Rainey & N. Ward-Rainey -- Molecular biology and genetic diversity of microorganisms / V. Torsvik ... [et al.] -- Bacterial habitats of extremophiles / M.T. Madigan -- Anaerobes from extreme environments / B. Ollivier, B.K.C Patel & J.-L. Garcia -- Sulfur metabolism among hyperthermophiles / K.M. Noll & S.E. Childers -- Acidophilic microorganisms / J. Seckbach -- New acidophilic thermophiles / R.L. Weiss Bizzoco ... [et al.] -- Snow algae: the effects of chemical and physical factors on their life cycles and populations / R.W. Hoham & H.U. Ling -- An oceanographic perspective on microbial life at low temperature / J.W. Deming & A.L. Huston -- Deep-sea bacteria / A.A. Yayanos -- Microbial diversity and ecology of alkaline environments / B.E. Jones & W.D. Grant -- Anaerobic chemotropic alkaliphiles / G.A. Zavarin & T.N. Zhilina -- Alkaliphilic cyanobacteria / S. Boussiba, X. Wu & A. Zarka -- Life at high salt concentrations: possibilities and limitations / A. Oren -- New discovered halophilic fungi in the Dead Sea (Israel) / A.S. Buchalo ... [et al.] -- Symbioses (living one inside the other) / B. Büdel -- Luminous bacteria / M. Haygood & S. Allen -- Diversity of methanogens / D.L. Valentine & D.R. Boone -- Microbial life on petroleum / E.Z. Ron -- Rock dwelling fungal communities: diversity of life styles and colony structure / A.A. Gorbushina & W.E. Krumbein -- Morphology as a parameter for diversity of bacterial population / M. Heldal -- Surviving Escherichia coli in good shape / A. Zaritsky ... [et al.] -- Introduction to astrobiology: origin, evolution, distribution and density of life in the universe / J. Seckbach, F. Westall & J. Chela-Flores -- Life in the cold and dry limits: Earth, Mars and beyond / Ch.P. McKay -- Terrestrial microbes as candidates for survival on Mars and Europe / J. Chela-Flores