10 + 2 : 12 American text sound pieces


  • "Sound poetry" read by the poet/composers and others, principally with various electronic devices.
  • Durations and program notes on slipcase; biographical notes and bibliography ([4] p.) inserted.


  • Amirkhanian, C. Just.--Amirkhanian, C. Heavy aspirations.--Coolidge, C. Preface, excerpt.--Cage, J. 62 mesostics re Merce Cunningham.--Giorno, J. Give it to me, baby.--Gnazzo, A. The population explosion.--Dodge, C. Speech song, excerpts: 1. When I am with you; 2. He destroyed her image.--Ashley, R. In Sara, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven there were men and women, excerpt.--Anderson, B. Torero piece.--Gysin, B. Come to free the words.--O'Gallagher, L. Border dissolve in audiospace.--Saroyan, A. Crickets
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