The schoolemaster, or, Playne and perfite way of teaching children, to understand, write, and speake the Latin toong : but specially purposed for the private bringing up of youth in gentlemen and noblemens houses : and commodious also for all such as have forgot the Latin toong, and would, by themselves, without a schoolemaister, in short time, and with small paines, recover a sufficient habilitie, to understand, write, and speake Latine

Ascham, Roger, 1515-1568

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  • Dedication signed: Margaret Ascham.
  • Colophon: At London, Printed by Abell Jeffes, dwelling in Phillip Lane, at the signe of the Bell. 1589.
  • Singatures: A²; B-S⁴.
  • Many errors in foliation.
  • Some manuscript notations.
  • UW copy has signed binding by Donnelley.
  • STC (2nd ed.) 836.
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