Assessing democracy in Latin America : a tribute to Russell H. Fitzgibbon

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  • "Based on fifty years' worth of data, Assessing Democracy in Latin America examines and compares the progress of Latin American countries toward democracy. The essays in this volume, all written by contributors to the Fitzgibbon Democracy Survey, focus their analyses on those factors most germane to the growth, maintenance, or failure of democratic systems."--BOOK JACKET.


  • Includes bibliographical references and index.


  • Tribute to Russell H. Fitzgibbon -- 1. Measuring Democracy in Latin America: The Fitzgibbon Index / Philip Kelly -- 2. Studying the Ebb and Flow of Political Parties in the Quest for Democracy / John D. Martz -- 3. Social Democracy in Latin America / Robert L. Peterson -- 4. Democracy and the Environment in Latin America / Kathryn Hochstetler and Stephen Mumme -- 5. Assessing Democracy Then and Now: A Personal Memoir / Martin Needler -- 6. Mexico's Problematic Transition to Democracy / Guy Poitras -- 7. Province Versus the Center: Democratizing Mexico's Political Culture / Roderic Ai Camp -- 8. The Quest for Central American Democracy Since 1945 / Thomas M. Leonard -- 9. Elections and Democracy in Central America: The Cases of Costa Rica and Nicaragua / Charles L. Stansifer -- 10. Institutional Development, Democratization, and Independence in the Anglophone Caribbean / W. Marvin Will -- 11. Passion and Democracy in Cuba / Damian J. Fernandez -- 12. Haitian Democracy: Oxymoron or Emerging Reality? / Richard L. Millett -- 13. The Dilemmas of Democracy in the Dominican Republic: A Paradigm for All of Latin America? / Howard J. Wiarda -- 14. The Emergence of a Dominant Political Culture: Venezuelan Professionals and Post-1958 Democracy / David J. Myers -- 15. Democracy for the Few: Ecuador's Crisis-Prone Democracy / Robert E. Biles -- 16. Democracy in Peru? / David Scott Palmer -- 17. Democratic Crises and Assumptions in Chile and Uruguay / Ronald H. McDonald -- 18. The Military and Democracy in Argentina / Jack Child -- 19. Democracy in Bolivia and Paraguay: A Comparison / Philip Kelly and Thomas Whigham -- 20. Democracy and Development in Brazil: Cardoso's Catch-22 / Jan Knippers Black
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