Chanting down Babylon : the Rastafari reader

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edited by Nathaniel Samuel Murrell, William David Spencer, and Adrian Anthony McFarlane ; Clinton Chisholm, consulting editor
  • Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 1998
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  • x, 467 pages ; 26 cm
9781566395830, 1566395836, 9781566395847, 1566395844

  • Includes bibliographical references and index.

  • Introduction: The Rastafari Phenomenon / Nathaniel Samuel Murrell -- 1. Dread "I" In-a-Babylon: Ideological Resistance and Cultural Revitalization / Ennis B. Edmonds -- 2. Rastas' Psychology of Blackness, Resistance, and Somebodiness / Clinton Hutton and Nathaniel Samuel Murrell -- 3. Rastafari and the Exorcism of the Ideology of Racism and Classism in Jamaica / Barry Chevannes -- 4. Gender and Family Relations in Rastafari: A Personal Perspective / Maureen Rowe -- 5. Rastawoman as Rebel: Case Studies in Jamaica / Imani M. Tafari-Ama -- 6. The Epistemological Significance of "I-an-I" as a Response to Quashie and Anancyism in Jamaican Culture / Adrian Anthony McFarlane -- 7. African Dimensions of the Jamaican Rastafarian Movement / Neil J. Savishinsky -- 8. Marcus Garvey and the Early Rastafarians: Continuity and Discontinuity / Rupert Lewis -- 9. Who Is Haile Selassie? His Imperial Majesty in Rasta Voices / Eleanor Wint / Members of the Nyabinghi Order -- 10. The Rasta-Selassie-Ethiopian Connections / Clinton Chisholm -- 11. Chanting Down Babylon Outernational: The Rise of Rastafari in Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific / Frank Jan van Dijk -- 12. Chanting Down Babylon in the Belly of the Beast: The Rastafarian Movement in the Metropolitan United States / Randal L. Hepner -- 13. Personal Reflections on Rastafari in West Kingston in the Early 1950s / George Eaton Simpson -- 14. From Burru Drums to Reggae Ridims: The Evolution of Rasta Music / Verena Reckord -- 15. Bob Marley: Rasta Warrior / Roger Steffens -- 16. Chanting Change around the World through Rasta Ridim and Art / William David Spencer -- 17. Towering Babble and Glimpses of Zion: Recent Depictions of Rastafari in Cinema / Kevin J. Aylmer -- 18. Discourse on Rastafarian Reality / Rex Nettleford -- 19. The Black Biblical Hermeneutics of Rastafari / Nathaniel Samuel Murrell and Lewin Williams -- 20. The Structure and Ethos of Rastafari / Ennis B. Edmonds -- 21. The First Chant: Leonard Howell's The Promised Key -- Commentary / William David Spencer -- 22. Rastafari's Messianic Ideology and Caribbean Theology of Liberation / Nathaniel Samuel Murrell and Burchell K. Taylor -- App. A. Emissaries of Rastafari: An Interview with Professor Leonard Barrett / Indigo Bethea, Michael Bruny and Adrian Anthony McFarlane -- App. B. Who Is Who in the Rasta Academy: A Literature Review in Honor of Leonard Barrett / Nathaniel Samuel Murrell
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