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100 1_ $aSevera, Joan L.,$d1925-
245 10 $aDressed for the photographer :$bordinary Americans and fashion, 1840-1900 /$cJoan L. Severa.
264 _1 $aKent, Ohio :$bKent State University Press,$c[1995]
264 _4 $c©1995
300    $axxii, 592 pages :$billustrations ;$c29 cm
336    $atext$btxt$2rdacontent
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338    $avolume$bnc$2rdacarrier
504    $aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 555-565) and index.
520 1_ $a"In Dressed for the Photographer, Joan Severa gives a visual analysis of the dress of middle-class Americans from the mid-to-late 19th century. Using images and writings, she shows how even economically disadvantaged Americans could wear styles within a year or so of current fashion. This desire for fashion equality demonstrates that the possession of culture was more important than wealth or position in the community." "In presenting a broad overview of common fashion, Severa gathers letters and diaries as well as photographs from various sources across the United States. She provides graphic evidence that ordinary Americans, when dressed in their finest attire, appeared very much the same as their wealthier neighbors. But upon closer examination, these photographs often reveal inconsistencies that betray the actual economic status of the sitter." "These fascinating photographs coupled with Severa's insights offer an added dimension to our understanding of 19th-century Americans. Intended as an aid in dating costumes and photographs and as a guide for period costume replication, Dressed for the Photographer provides extensive information for understanding the social history and material culture of this period. It will be of interest to general readers as well as to social historians and those interested in fashion, costume, and material culture studies."--BOOK JACKET.
650 _0 $aClothing and dress$zUnited States$xHistory$y19th century.
650 _0 $aFashion$zUnited States$xHistory$y19th century.
650 _0 $aPortrait photography$zUnited States$xHistory$y19th century.
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