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1972 OBERS projections : economic activity in the United States, by economic area, water resources region and subarea, state, and SMSA and non-SMSA portions of the areas ; historical and projected, 1929-2020. Series E, population

United States. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Regional Economic Analysis Division. Regional Economics Division Save to your list

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  • Cover has subtitle: Regional economic activity in the U.S.
  • "Based on the series 'E' Projected national population, Bureau of the Census, 1972."
  • Includes bibliographical references.


  • v. 1. Concepts, methodology and summary data -- v. 2. BEA economic areas -- v. 3. Water resources regions and subareas -- v. 4. States -- v. 5. Standard metropolitan statistical areas -- v. 6. Non-SMSA portions of BEA economic areas -- v. 7. Non-SMSA portions of water resources subareas

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