Calendar of the Clarendon state papers preserved in the Bodleian library

Bodleian Library


  • Vols. 1-3, edited under the direction of the Rev. H.O. Coxe; v.4, under the direction of Sir Charles Firth.
  • Vol. 1- Photocopy. Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms, 1969-


  • v.1. To 1649, ed. by the Rev. O. Ogle and W. H. Bliss.-- v.2-3. 1649-1657, ed. by the Rev. W. Dun Macray.-- v.4. 1657-1660, ed. by F.J. Routledge.-- v.5. 1660-1726, ed. by F.J. Routledge
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