The education of women in the United States : a guide to theory, teaching, and research

McClelland, Averil
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  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.


  • Pt. I. Foundations for a Study of the History of Women's Education. Ch. 1. European Themes in the Education of Women. Prevailing Attitudes Toward Educating Women. Women's Access to Formal Education. Religion and Education for the Role of Wife and Mother. Women's Efforts to Educate Themselves. Ch. 2. Themes in Women's Education in the United States. Attitudes Toward Women's Education: The Role of Religion, Politics and Science. Women's Access to Formal Education. The Extension of Motherhood to the Community. Women's Experience as an Educational Model -- Pt. II. Educating Women for a Purpose. Ch. 3. Education for Hearth and Home. The Colonial Wife. The Republican Mother. The "True" Woman. The "Modern" Housewife. Ch. 4. Education for Paid Work. The Teaching Daughter. The Laboring Woman. The Professional Woman. The Working Girl. Ch. 5. Education for Civic Responsibilities and Action. The Rebellious Woman. The Reforming Woman. The Club Woman. The Progressive Woman. Ch. 6. Defining the Educated Woman. The Rise of Female Seminaries. The Intellectual Woman. The Rise of the High School. The College Woman -- Pt. III. Women Making History in Education. Ch. 7. The Search for Equity in Education. The Development of Women's Studies. The Search for Equity in Higher Education. The Search for Equity in Schooling. Redefining the Educated Woman. Ch. 8. New Directions in Education: Gender as a Focus of Inquiry. Gender and Human Diversity. Gender and Curriculum: The Problem of "Truth" Gender and the "New" Pedagogy. Gender and the Preparation of Education Professionals
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