Gender roles : a handbook of tests and measures

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Beere, Carole A., 1944-
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Carole A. Beere
  • New York : Greenwood Press, 1990
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  • xiv, 575 pages ; 25 cm
0313262780, 9780313262784
ocm20133041, ocm22664638

  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

  • Part one: Introduction. -- Part two: Measurement. -- Part three: Gender roles. -- Masculine gender identity in females -- Robinson Behavioral Inventory -- Role Acceptance Scale -- Traditional-Liberated Social Scale / Traditional-Liberated Self-Concept Scale -- Wellesley Role Orientation Scale -- Boyhood Gender Conformity Scale -- Feminine Gender Identity Scale -- Gender Role Conflict Scales I and II -- Hypermasculinity Inventory -- Adjective Check List -- Attitude Interest Analysis Test -- Australian Sex Role Inventory -- Australian Sex Role Scale -- Bar-Ilan Sex Role Inventory -- Baucom Sex Role Inventory -- Bem Sex Role Inventory -- California Psychological Inventory -- Chinese Sex-Role Inventory -- Comrey Personality Scales -- Figure Drawing -- Franck Drawing Completion Test -- Gough Femininity Scale -- Guilford-Zimmerman Temperament Survey -- Heilbrun Measure of Sex Role Blending -- Johnson's Expressiveness and Instrumentality -- Marke-Gottfries Attitude Interest Schedule -- Masculine Role Inventory / Extended Masculine Role Inventory -- May Measure of Gender Identity -- Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -- Multidimensional Sex Role Inventory -- Revised -- Personal Attributes Questionnaire / Extended Personal Attributes Questionnaire -- PRF ANDRO -- Sex Rep Test -- Sex Role Antecedents Scales -- Sex Role Behavior Scale-2 / Sex Role Behavior Scale- Short Form -- Sex Role Identity Scale -- Sex Role Motor Behavior Checklist -- Sexual Identity Scale. -- Part four: Children and gender. -- Adolescent Sex Role Inventory -- Children's Androgyny Scale -- Children's Personal Attributes Questionnaire -- Checklist of Games and Play Activities -- Children's Sex-Role Self-Concept Inventory -- Fauls-Smith Activity Preference Test -- It Scale for Children -- Laosa-Brophy Toy Preference Test -- Michigan Gender Identity Test -- The Toy Preference Task -- Boy-Girl Identity Task -- Slaby-Frey Gender Concept Test -- Games Inventory -- Gender Behavioral Inventory for Boys -- Feinman Measure of Approval of Appropriate Sex Role and Appropriate Age Role Behavior / Feinman Measure of Approval of Cross-Sex and Cross-Age Behavior -- Gender Salience Test -- Katz Sex-Role Flexibility Questionnaire -- Sex Role Learning Index. -- Part five: Stereotypes. -- Bacon-Lerner Vocational Role Index -- Children's Perceptions of Sex Stereotyping in Elementary School -- Children's Sex Stereotypes of Adult Occupations -- Gender-Stereotyped Attitude Scale for Children -- Sex-Role Questionnaire -- Sex Stereotype Measure / Sex Stereotype Measure II --Sheperd Hess Stereotypes of Occupations and Activities -- Silvern Sex Role Scale -- Tryon Sex Stereotypes of Competence -- Beliefs About Women Scale -- Berryman-Fink Attributions for Feminist -- Deaux Lewis Gender Stereotypes Scale -- Frye Dietz Attitudes Toward Stereotypes of Women -- Self-Administered Survey of Sex Stereotypes -- Sex Role Stereotype Questionnaire -- Sex Role Stereotyping Scale -- Stereotypes About Male Sexuality Scale -- Scale for Sexism in the Media. -- Part six: Marital and parental roles. -- Attitudes toward the role of husband and wife in marriage -- Blood-Wolfe Marital Decision Making Scale -- Blood-Wolfe Marital Task Allocation Scale -- Homemaking Stressors Scale -- Hoskins Dominance-Accommodation Scale -- Interpersonal Influence Survey -- Marriage Role Expectation Inventory -- Scanzoni Scales -- Traditional Family Ideology Scale -- Traditional Sex Role Ideology Scale -- Attitude Toward Timing of Parenthood -- Barnett Childbearing Attitudes Scale -- Bell Parenthood Motivation Scale -- Holahan Decision Strategies -- Index of Parenthood Motivation -- Parenthood Motivation Questionnaire -- Westbrook Scale of Positive and Negative Aspects of Childbearing -- Alpert Richardson Stressful Events in Parenting -- Cleminshaw-Guidubaldi Parent Satisfaction Scale -- Transition Difficulty -- Maternal Self-Definition Questionnaire -- Maternal Separation Anxiety Scale -- Maternal Social Support Index -- Motherhood Inventory -- Eversoll Father Role Opinionnaire -- Lone Parenthood Scales. -- Part seven: Employee roles. -- Academic System Beliefs Scale -- Attitudes Toward Female Professors Scale -- Attitudes Toward Male Nurses -- Attitudes Toward Policewomen -- Communication Competencies of Women Managers Scale -- Managerial Attitudes Toward Women Executives Scale -- Sex Role Attitudes in the Army -- Women as Managers Scale -- Women in Science Scale -- Padgitt Sexual Harassment Scale -- Radecki Jennings Sexual Dominance Scale -- Sexual Experiences Questionnaire / Sexual Experiences Questionnaire 2 -- Tolerance for Sexual Harassment Inventory -- Achievement Orientation Scale II -- Attitudes Toward Employment -- Awareness of Occupational Experience Scale II -- Career Salience Inventory -- Desire to Work Scale -- Marino Measure of Affirmative Action Compliance -- Occupational Aspiration Scale for Females -- Ranked Work Values Scale -- Situational Attitude Scale for Women -- Survey of Women's Attitudes About Careers -- Work Involvement Index. -- Part eight: Multiple roles. -- Career/Marital Stress of Women Inventory -- Gerson Role Gratification and Role Strain Scales -- Home-Career Conflict Measure -- Job Time-Demand Scale -- Job-Family Role Strain Scale -- Keith Schafer Work-Family Role Strain -- Nevill Damico Role Conflict Questionnaire -- Reilly Role Overload Scale -- Role Conflict Scales -- Sage Loudermilk Role Conflict Scale -- Sex Role Conflict Scale -- Dual-Career Family Scales -- Dual Employed Coping Scales -- Wallston Job Seeking Simulations -- Attitudes Toward Working Mothers Scale -- Beliefs About the Consequences of Maternal Employment for Children -- Consequences of Working and Not Working Following Childbirth -- Dual Role Scale -- Feminine Interest Questionnaire -- Home and Employment Role Scales -- King-McIntyre-Axelson Threat from Working Wives Scale -- Life Role Salience Scales -- Life Style Index -- Life Styles for Women Index -- Maternal Attitudes Towards Employment -- Motivations for Children and Work Questionnaire -- Role Perception Scale -- Scale of Attitudes Toward a Dual Role for Women -- Student Attitude Scale -- Work and Family Orientation Questionnaire. -- Part nine: Attitudes toward gender role issues. -- Attitudes Toward Males in Society -- Attitudes Toward Men Scale (Downs & Engelson) -- Attitudes Toward Men Scale (Iazzo) -- Attitudes Toward Masculinity Transcendence Scale -- Attitudes Toward the Male's Role Scale -- Brannon Masculinity Scale -- Attitudes Toward Equal Rights Amendment Scale -- Attitudes Toward the Female Role Questionnaire -- Attitudes Toward Feminist Issues Scale -- Fine-Davis Attitudes Toward the Role and Status of Women -- Attitudes Toward Women Scale -- Attitudes Toward Women Scale -- British Version -- Attitudes Toward Women Scale for Adolescents -- Autonomy for Women -- Belief Pattern Scale for Measuring Attitudes Toward Feminism -- Feminism II Scale -- Feminism Survey -- Hawley Sex Role Scale -- Lyson Sex Role Attitudes Scale -- Nadler Open Subordination of Women Scale -- Positive Regard Scale -- Sexist Attitudes Toward Women Scale -- Social Order Scale -- Therapist's Attitude Toward Women Scale -- Therapist's Information About Women Scale -- Travis Seipp Sex-Role Ideology Scale -- Women in Society Questionnaire -- Women's Liberation Ideology Scale -- Women's Liberation Scale -- Beliefs About Equal Rights Scales -- Bias in Attitudes Survey -- Brown-Manela Sex Role Attitudes Scale -- Chatterjee Puhan Attitudes Scale -- Child-Rearing Sex Role Attitude Scale -- Clark Lane Sex Role Attitude Questionnaire -- Ellis-Bentler Traditional Sex-Determined Role Standards Scale -- FEM Scale -- Feminine Expectations Scale / Masculine Expectations Scale -- Index of Sex-Role Questionnaire -- Inventory of Feminine Values / Inventory of Masculine Values -- Macho Scale -- Osmond-Martin Sex Role Attitudes Scale -- Rombough Ventimiglia Attitudes Toward Sex Roles -- Scott Sex Role Inventory -- Sex Role Differences Scale -- Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale -- Sex-Role Ideology Scale -- Sex-Role Orientation Scale -- Sex-Role Survey -- Sex-Role Traditionalism Scale -- Sexual Ideology Instrument -- Smith Attitudinal Inventory -- SRD/PE Attitude Inventory -- Traditional-Egalitarian Sex Role Scale -- Traditional-Liberated Content Scale
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