Crossroads of continents : cultures of Siberia and Alaska

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  • Series of papers by various scholars under the headings: Peoples of Siberia and Alaska; Strangers arrive; Crosscurrents of time; Thematic views; New lives for ancient peoples. Illustrated by artifacts from many museums which were part of an exhibition of the same name.


  • "Crossroads of continents is also the title of an exhibition organized by the National Museum of Natural History and circulated by the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES)"--T.p. verso.
  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 354-359).
  • Book review by Dorothy Jean Ray, in American Indian art magazine, Vol. 15, no. 3 (summer 1990), p. 83, 86-87, 93, 95.
  • Also issued online.


  • Crossroads of continents : Beringian Oecumene / William W. Fitzhugh and Aron Crowell -- Ethnic connections across Bering Strait / I. S. Gurvich -- People of Siberia and Alaska -- Peoples of the Amur and maritime regions / Lydia T. Black -- Koryak and Itelmen : dwellers of the Smoking Coast / S. A. Arutiunov -- Even : reindeer herders of Eastern Siberia / S. A. Arutuinov -- Eskimos : hunters of the frozen coasts / William W. Fitzhugh -- Aleut : islanders of the North Pacific / Lydia T. Black and R. G. Liapunova -- Tlingit : people of the wolf and raven / Frederica de Laguna -- Northern Athapaskans : people of the deer / James W. VanStone -- Strangers arrive -- The story of Russian America / Treasures by the Neva : the Russian collections / G. I. Dzeniskevich and L. P. Pavlinskaia -- Baird's naturalists : Smithsonian collectors in Alaska / The American Museum's Jesup North Pacific expedition / Stanley A. Freed, Ruth S. Freed, and Laila Williamson -- Young Laufer on the Amur / Laurel Kendall -- Crosscurrents of time -- Beringia : an ice age view / Steven B. Young -- Ancient peoples of the North Pacific Rim / Christy G. Turner II -- Prehistory of Siberia and the Bering Sea / S. A. Arutuinov and William W. Fitzhugh -- Prehistory of Alaska's Pacific Coast / Aron Crowell -- Thematic views -- Raven's creatures -- Milton M. R. Freeman -- Many tongues -- ancient tales / Michael E. Krauss -- Maritime economies of the North Pacific Rim / Jean-Loup Rousselot, William W. Fitzhugh, and Aron Crowell -- Hunters, herders, trappers, and fishermen / Economic patterns in Alaska / Dwellings, settlements, and domestic life / Needles and animals : women's magic / Valérie Chaussonnet -- War and trade / Ernest S. Burch, Jr. -- Guardians and spirit-masters of Siberia / S. Ia. Serov -- Eye of the dance : spiritual life of the Bering Sea Eskimo / Ann Fienup-Riordan -- Potlach ceremonialism on the Northwest Coast / Art and culture change at the Tlingit-Eskimo border / Bill Holm -- Comparative art of the North Pacific Rim / New lives for ancient peoples -- Siberian peoples : a Soviet view / V. V. Lebedev -- Alaska natives today / Rosita Worl -- Alaska native arts in the twentieth century / Margaret B. Blackman and Edwin S. Hall, Jr. -- Beads and bead trade in the North Pacific region / Peter Francis, Jr
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