Correspondence with Elizabeth Coolidge, Arlo Bates, Mr. Alvord, Bertha Coolidge, the editor of Atlantic monthly, Mr. Marshall, Lady Nancy Lucy, Mr. Muirhead, Miss Tyler, Mrs. Hutton, Miss True, photographs, and programs : with several items by her sister Nora Archibald Smith, and letters from H.O. Houghton, Anna M. Stowall, and Clayton Hamilton and two letters from D.G. S[lade] to Marjorie Prescott concerning Wiggin's archives

Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith, 1856-1923
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  • Holographs, signed.


  • Includes 28 letters to Elizabeth (or Lizabeth, E, L, Mrs. A.L. Coolidge) undated except for three 1884-1906, 2 to Arlo Bates, a holograph and typed draft of a letter to Mr. Marshall, 3 typed copies of a poem/letter to Houghton Mifflin with a reply from H.O. Houghton, 2 brief notes to her niece Bertha Coolidge, 2 notes to Mr. Alvord, 1 letter to Atlantic monthly's reviewer, a letter to Lady Nancy Lucy (Feb. 13, 1922) giving a long report on the entertaining Wiggin has done at her New York home in the last year or so, a letter to Mr. Muirhead, author of Baedeker's Great Britain thanking him for suggestions (May 3rd, 1892), 2 notes to Miss Tyler setting up a reading (Feb. 9 & 22, 1894), letter to Mrs. Hutton about a visit to West Malvern, England, calling card, poem "The Guests" presented to Society of Authors on its 25th anniversary, 1909?, "My first book," an article in New York times, Oct. 13, 1912; "See the girl & the gown, " a humorous poem with a sketch; 4 programs in which Wiggin (and Nora Smith) performed, a program in which Wiggin performed with Evelyn Fogg Olcott, mezzo contralto and Mary Sturdivant, acc., 5 printed or holograph poems by Nora Smith, and several photographs and a newspaper clipping about her play. play. Two letters to the Samuel French Company (14 May 1918 and Jan. 6 1919) with concerns about a patriotic writing assignment, and a note to Mr. Gunnison (9 Jan.) asking for 15 copies of the editorial page of the American Eagle of Jan. 5, n.y. Note to Mrs. Warren telling her she is on her way to London & giving her London address, May 26. Note replying to a query about an expression "Knocking anyone galley west". Letter to Miss True explaining that travel has delayed her reply and listing items she has sent for the "K.D.W. exhibit" in Children's Book Week. Signed Kate Douglas Wiggin and Mrs. George Riggs. Letter from Clayton Hamilton to Mrs. Riggs about literary criticism
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