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Collection universelle de musique populaire enregistrée = World collection of recorded folk music

Brăiloiu, Constantin, 1893-1958 compiler

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  • Folk music played and sung by various performers in original languages on original instruments.
  • Booklet, in French and English, containing preface to the original edition by Ernest Anserment, introduction by Laurent Aubert, Article "Brailoiu, a structuralist and comparativist collector" by Jean-Jacques Natiez, references (36 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.) laid in container.


  • Disc 1, Africa: Hausas: Tale (fragment), a small bird's fight with a bustard ; Drums accompanying a wrestling display -- Tuaregs: Lyrical song ; Two lyrical songs ; Program music, attack of a herd ; Lyrical song -- Fulahs: Lyrical song (2) ; Calls to the herd ; Flute solo (zazakouat) ; Flute duet played within a mortar ; Solo of musical bow -- Ethiopians: Weekly prayer (fragments), recital, song ; Shepherd music, reed flute ; Lyrical song ; Declamation of war theme -- Africans: Song to end mourning ; Yéli, magical elephant hunting song ; Baule: Song for Pondo Kaku, forest spirit ; Songs for entertainment (2) Kabyles: Pilgrim song ; Lullaby ; Pilgrim song ; Work song, milk-churning ; Satirical song, "May the old woman die" ; Pilgrim song ; Dance tune
  • Disc 2, Asia & Eskimos: Turks: Program music, "The story of the black ewe" ; Lyrical song -- Georgians: Historical song ; Farm work song -- Hindus: Lyrical song, "India's misery" ; Epic song -- Japanese: Afternoon ritual song of rice planting, "Tave-uta" ; Fisherman's song ; Shepherd song, "Ushikata-bushi" ; Dance, "Ina-bushi -- Takasago Formosians: Ritual song for millet sowing, "Passipot-pot" ; Wedding song, "Welcome to the bride" ; Victory song, "Darai" ; Ritual song of hunting ceremony, "Marasi tommal" ; Lyrical song, "Psila railas" (Song of solitude) -- Chinese: Alternate tea picking song ; Concert of itinerant musicians (theater piece) -- Caribou Eskimos: Magic dance ; Magic incantation for seal hunt
  • Disc 3, Europe 1: Rumanians: So-called "love song" ; Dance song (sirba) ; So-called "long song" ; Two love songs -- Rumanian-speaking Ukrainians: Song ; Wedding song ; Drinking song ; Song ; Funeral chant for a girl -- Macedonian Rumainians: Funeral chant ; Wedding song, "For the mother-in-law" ; Wedding song, "The bride appears" ; Wedding song, "Arrives at the door" -- Greeks: Lullaby ; So-called ballad of the "Arta Bridge" -- Judaeo-Spanish: Love song, "The rose blooms" ; Love song, "At one I was born" ; Passover song, "The little kid" ; Love song, "High, high rises the moon" ; Ballad, "The mixed up new-borns" ; Wedding song of the ritual bathing of the bride, "See the beauty who has come out of the water" -- Bulgarians: Ballad (fragment), "The wicked mother-in-law" ; Program music, "The lost herd" ; Dance, "Ratchenitza"
  • Disc 4, Europe 2: Serbians: Shepherd piece ; Dance (postoupano) ; Lyrical song, "Young Sevdalina" ; Navvy song -- Bosnians: Hero's epic song ; Two dances (kolos) -- Italians: Fragments of a popular mystery, "Lamentations of the virgins", "End of crucifix", and "Misrere" ; Lyrical song, "Teasing couplets" ; Carter song ; Song ; Polyphonic lyrical song ; Dance, "Ballu sardu" -- Corsicans: Funeral chant (vocero) ; Lyrical polyphonic song (paghiella) ; Wheat threshing song (tribbiera) ; Wedding song, "Welcome to the married couple" -- Basques: Popular hymn ; New Year's song ; Scenes of improvisation contest ; Mountain dweller cries ; Sword dance -- Portuguese: Lenten song, "Recommendation of souls" ; Dance song ; Dance song ; Olive picking song ; Dance song
  • Disc 5, Europe 3: French: Plough song, "Briolée aux boeufs" ; Two bourrées ; Song, "Gwerz of the just soul" ; Ritual song of Holy Week, "Réveillez of the passion" ; Funeral recital, "The graces" ; Wedding song, "The cream-soup" ; Dance song, "Round" ; Dance, Passe-pied from Rostrenen -- Walloons : Ballad, "King Renaud" ; Dance of the "Gilles de Binche" ; Crâmignon (sung dance), "Prindez vos' baton, Simon" ; Steps of Gerpinnes -- Flemish: Ballad (Halwijn) ; Ballad, "Song of the three pilgrims" ; Song, "I came through a garden" ; Procession song (Ommergang), "Hymn of St. Amelberge" ; Chimes of Santa Claus (Giant's song) -- Irish: Ballad, "The hay rope" ; Reel dance, Lilting ; Reel dances (2) ; Single jig ; Reel dance -- Gaels: Love song, "The brown-haired dairywoman" ; Lamentation over the death of a clan chief, "Sad thoughts invade my soul" ; Praising a clan chief, "Oh John of Ghlinn' Cnaich" ; Work song (tweed weaving), "Saturday I was sad" -- English: Ballad, "Barbara Allen" ; Ballad, "Lord Randall" ; Ballad, "The tragic hunt" ; Sword dance, "Maid of the mill" ; Bagpipe solo, "Cliffs of Old Tynemouth" ; Dance, "The gower reel"
  • Disc 6, Europe 4: German Swiss: Alp blessing ; Going up to the Alp ; Dance -- Germans: Shepherd round dance ; March ; Dance (Zweifacher) ; Dance (Länder) ; Schwankballade (merry narrative song) ; Lullaby ; religious song, "Crown of golden roses" -- Austrians: Song of the three wise men ; New Year's song ; Ballad, "Es stand ein Schloss in Österreich" ; March -- Norwegians: Ballad (vise), "The bewitched colt" ; Monostrophic songs (stev) (2) ; Calls to the herd ; Dance (gangar) ; Dance (halling) ; Dance (halling) ; Shepherd flute solo -- Estonians: Shepherdess's song, "The stolen provisions" ; Song, "How pleasant it is to sing by the dew in the evening" ; Song, "The deceived bride" ; Swing song ; Jew's harp ; Musical bow ; Bagpipe -- Russians: Love song, "The sorb tree" ; Brigand song ; Funeral chant ; Ballad, "The Vrabiova Mountains" ; Wedding choir, "Great banquet song" ; Work song (flax gathering)
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