Message from the President of the United States, communicating discoveries made in exploring the Missiouri, Red River and Washita

United States. President (1801-1809 : Jefferson)

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  • Message to the Senate and House of representatives of the United States [signed: Th. Jefferson. February 19, 1806]--Extract of a letter from Captain Meriwether Lewis, to the President of the United States, dated Fort Mandan, April 17th, 1805.--A statistical view of the Indian nations inhabiting the territory of Louisiana and the countries adjacent to its northern and western boundaries. [By Meriwether Lewis]--Historical sketches of the several Indian tribes in Louisiana, south of the Arkansas River, and between the Mississippi and River Grand. [By John Sibley]--To General Henry Dearborn [account of Red River and the country adjacent by John Sibley]--Observations made in a voyage commencing at St. Catharine's landing, on the east bank of the Mississippi, proceeding downwards to the mouth of the Red River, and from thence ascending that river, the Black River, and the Washita River, as high as the hot spring in the proximity of the last mentioned river, extracted from the journals of William Dunbar
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