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  • Creator [recordings and commentary by Alain Daniélou]
  • Format Sound Recordings
  • Contributors
  • Publication Kassel ; New York : Bärenreiter Musicaphon, [between 1960-1969?].
  • Series
  • Physical Details
    • 3 audio discs : 33 1/3 rpm, monophonic ; 12 in
  • OCLC ocm07828404
  • Credits
    • Sung and played by native musicians; in Hindi and Tamil


  • Bärenreiter Musicaphon: BM 20 L2006, Bm 30 L2007, BM 20 2018.
  • Commentary by Alain Daniélou in English, French and German bound in containers.
  • At head of title: UNESCO collection.
  • Title in container: The music of India.


  • India I. Vedic recitation and chant: Ṛg Veda (Invocation to Kubera I) -- Ṛg Veda (Invocation to Kubera II) -- Ṛg Veda (Hymn to Agni) -- Sāma Veda (Hymn to Indra) -- Sāma Veda (Sacrifice to the Soma) -- Sāma Veda(Invocation to Kubera) -- Sāma Veda (Invocation to the gods) -- Sāma Veda (Hymn to Rudra, the Destroyer) -- Sāma Veda (Hymn to Indra, God of Rains and King of Heaven) -- Sāma Veda (Hymn to the Moon) -- White Yajur Veda (Hymn to Prajāpati, Lord of Creatures) -- White Yajur Veda (Hymn to Brahma) -- Black Yajur Veda (Invocation preliminary to the magic cult of Nirṛti, the Malevolent Power) -- White Yajur veda (Hymn to Ganapati)
  • India II. Music of the dance and theatre of South India: Bharata Natyam: Alarippu -- Jatisvaram -- Javali -- Padam, Inimel... -- Padam, Rara, Sītā... -- Padam, Aro... -- Tillana -- Varnam (fragment) -- Shlokam, T'evaram -- Kathakali: Pr'elude and scene
  • India III. Dhrupad-s: As-avar-i (Ana sun-a-i) dhrupad -- Bhairavi (Jagata Janan-i) dhrupad -- Dham-ar t-ala, pakh-avaj solo
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