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Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Rephotography Project photographs, 1994-2000


  • COPYRIGHT RESTRICTION: The copyright for the photographs made by Baugnet, Dell, Evans, Faust, Heberlein, Hokanson, Hudovernik, Iversen, Koch, Maciejewski, Rashid, Ritter, Rothe, Simon, Spicer, Stockinger, and Shimon and Lindemann will remain with the photographer for 20 years, until September 15, 2017. Until September 15, 2017, the State Historical Society of Wisconsin may use the photographs without seeking permission from the copyright holder in any State Historical Society of Wisconsin project or in any project that relates to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin rephotography project. All reproductions must credit the photographer.
  • COPYRIGHT RESTRICTION: Copyright to photoraphs made by Kaim, Kaphaem, Kraushaar, Lazimy, Lendrum, Luke, McGoldrick, Page, Rossin, Rothe, Sylvester, Theisen, Voss, Wallace, Weiland, and Williams not held by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Contact photographer regarding permission to use these images.


  • Photographs from a rephotography project sponsored by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin in conjunction with the state's sesquicentennial celebration in 1998. Funded in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Committee, twenty-four contemporary photographers chose historical images, primarily drawn from the Society's visual materials holdings, to research and recreate either in location or content. The images depict life in Wisconsin on the occasion of its sesquicentennial while also documenting change and/or consistency in the physical and cultural landscape of the state. Reproductions of both the historical and the modern images were exhibited, as pairs, throughout the state in 1998 and were also featured in a number of publications including a calendar, published in part by the Historical Society, illustrated with thirteen pairs of the images and a book, "Wisconsin Then and Now," about the sesquicentennial project. Photocopies of the historical images on which the modern images were based are housed with the corresponding modern print.
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