University of Wisconsin Law School alumni oral histories, 2001-2003

Reisner, Edward J., interviewer


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  • RESTRICTED: There are no oral history interview releases for the interviews. (The University of Wisconsin Law School claims no intellectual property rights to the content of the interviews.)


  • Oral histories of University of Wisconsin Law School alumni by Edward J. Reisner, 2001-2003, Assistant Dean for External Relations and executive director of the Wisconsin Law Alumni Association. Interviews were conducted for the Law School and for a History Committee chaired by Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. They attempt to "chronicle the interviewee's effect on the legal institutions of Wisconsin ... that has had a lasting effect on the course of law in the state." Reisner's interview materials include microcassettes, transcriptions, background materials, computer discs, and some photographs. Also included is an extensive oral history (sound only) with Richard Cates by Joan Rundle, retired Law School Assistant Dean.


  • Transcripts: E. Clarke Arnold (UW Law 1941), Jack DeWitt (UW Law 1942), Edgar Eisenstadt (UW Law 1953), Daniel Flaherty (UW Law 1949), Orlan K. Johnson (UW Law 1955), Harold Judell (UW Law 1938), Rod Kittleson (UW Law 1940), William Nathanson (UW Law 1935), George Steil (UW Law 1950), Gerald van Hoof (UW Law 1938), Ralph von Briesen (UW Law 1938), G. Lane Ware (UW Law 1965).
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