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041 1_ $aeng$hund
100 1_ $aFrench, B. F.$q(Benjamin Franklin),$d1799-1877.$eed.
245 10 $aHistorical collections of Louisiana and Florida, including translations of original manuscripts relating to their discovery and settlement, with numerous historical and biographical notes$h[electronic resource].$cBy B.F. French ...
250    $aNew series.
260    $aNew York,$bJ. Sabin & sons,$c1869.
300    $a38. L., ii, 362 p. facsim.
500    $aSubscribers copy no. 33 500 copies printed, according to Sabin (Bibl. amer.)
500    $aPreceded by the author's "Historical collections of Louisiana", 1846-53, 5 vols., and followed by his "Historical collections of Louisiana and Florida", 2d ser., 1875.
500    $aFrench originals of the first and third pieces are found in Margry's "D©♭couvertes et ©♭tablissements des Fran©ʹais dans l'Quest et dans la Sud", 1879-88, v. 4, p. 21-34, v. 5, p. 375-586. The fourth is reprinted from Hakluyt's translation of "L'histoire notable de la Floride", 1586.
505 0_ $aMemoir, addressed to Count de Pontchartrain, on the omportance of establishing a colony in Louisiana by M. de R©♭monville. [By M. Argoud] 1697.--Narrative of the voyage made by order of the King of France, in 1698, to take possession of Louisiana. By M.P. Le Moyne d'Iberville. 1699.--Annals of Louisiana, from the establishment of the first colony under M. d'Iberville, to the departure of the author to France, in 1722. By M. P©♭nicaut.--History of the first attempt of the French (the Huguenots) to colonize the newly discovered country of Florida. By Ren©♭ Laudonni©·re.
533    $aElectronic text and image data.$bAnn Arbor, Mich. :$cUniversity of Michigan, Digital Library Initiatives,$d2000.$eIncludes both TIFF files and keyword searchable text.$f(Making of America (University of Michigan))$nThis volume is made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as part of Making of America IV: the American voice, 1850-1877.
538    $aMode of access: World Wide Web.
651 _0 $aFlorida$xHistory$yColonial period to 1821$xSources.
651 _0 $aLouisiana$xHistory$yTo 1803$xSources.
830 _0 $aMaking of America (University of Michigan)
856 40 $u$zAvailable through Making of America (University of Michigan)


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