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LEADER02183cam a2200337 4500
001 9972351463602122
005 20100519143128.0
007 hd afv|||baca
007 cr bn |||a|bb|
008 931222s1649 enk a o00| | eng d
035    $a(UnM)99864857
035    $a(WU)7235146-uwmadisondb
037    $aCL0051000005$bProQuest Information and Learning. 300 N. Zeeb Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48106
040    $aCu-RivES$cCu-RivES$dCStRLIN$edcrb$dWaOLN
110 1_ $aEngland and Wales.
240 10 $aLaws, etc.
245 13 $aAn act for raising of ninety thousand pounds per mensem, :$bfor the maintenance of the forces raised by authority of Parliament, for the service of England & Ireland, for six moneths, from the 25th of March, 1649. to the 29th of September, 1649. Die Sabbathi, 7 April, 1649. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that this Act be forthwith printed and published. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliament'.
260    $aLondon :$bprinted for Edward Husband, printer to the Honorable House of Commons, and are to be sold at his shop in Fleetstreet, at the sign of the Golden-Dragon, near the Inner-Temple,$cApril 17. 1649.
300    $a[2], 75-130, [1] [i.e. 59] p.
500    $aOn R2r: the last word of first line of text: 'England'; first word of line below initial: 'disbanding'; last word of last full line of text: 'redu-'.
500    $aAlso issued as part of a through-paged folio set with a table for the entire set added.
500    $aOrnament on t.p.; initials; text in black letter.
500    $aSignatures: R² S-2A⁴.
500    $aThe final leaf is blank.
500    $aAnother edition has "April, 17. 1649" in imprint.
500    $aReproduction of the original in the British Library.
510 4_ $aThomason$cE.1060[18].
530    $aAvailable electronically as part of Early English books online.
650 _0 $aTaxation$zEngland$xLaw and legislation$vEarly works to 1800.
650 _0 $aFinance, Public$zGreat Britain$xHistory$yTo 1688$vEarly works to 1800.
830 _0 $aThomason Tracts ;$v157:E.1060[18].
856 41 $u$zAvailable through Early English Books Online


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