Feminist approaches to media theory and research

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"Feminist Approaches to Media Theory and Research" tackles the breadth and depth of feminist perspectives in the field of media studies through essays and research that reflect on the present and f...

"Feminist Approaches to Media Theory and Research" tackles the breadth and depth of feminist perspectives in the field of media studies through essays and research that reflect on the present and future of feminist research and theory at the intersections of women, gender, media, activism, and academia. The volume includes original chapters on diverse topics illustrating where theorization and research currently stand with regard to the politics of gender and media, what work is being done in feminist theory, and how feminist scholarship can contribute to our understanding of gender as a mediated experience with implications for our contemporary global society. It opens for discussion how the research, theory, and interventions challenge concepts of gender in mediated discourses and practices and how these fit into the evolving state of contemporary feminisms. Contributors engage with discussions about contemporary feminisms as they are understood in media theory and research, particularly in a field that has changed rapidly in the last decades with digital communication tools and through cross-disciplinary work. Overall, the book illustrates how the politics of gender operate within the current media landscapes and how feminist theorizing shapes academic inquiry of these landscapes."--

Dustin Harp, Jaime Loke, Ingrid Bachmann, editors
  • Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
  • ©2018
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9783319908380, 3319908375, 9783319908373, 3319908383

  • Includes bibliographical references and index.

  • 1. Through a Feminist Kaleidoscope: Critiquing Media, Power, and Gender Inequalities / Ingrid Bachmann, Dustin Harp, and Jaime Loke -- Part I. Feminist Theories : 2. Feminism, Theory, and Communications: Progress, Debates, and Challenges Ahead / Carolyn M. Byerly -- 3. The Applicability of Symbolic Annihilation in the Middle East / Elizabeth A. Lance and Christina M. Paschyn -- 4. Sleeping with the Enemy: The Male Gaze and Same-Sex Relationships on Broadcast Network Television / W. Cory Albertson -- 5. The Affective Turn in Feminist Media Studies for the Twenty-First Century / Amanda K. Kennedy -- 6. Girls, Media, and Sexuality: The Case for Feminist Ethics / Meenakshi Gigi Durham -- 7. Queer and Feminist Approaches to Transgender Media Studies / Mia Fischer -- Part II. Feminist Issues and Arenas : 8. Feminist Sports Media Studies: State of the Field / Dunja Antunovic and Erin Whiteside -- 9. Onlien Framing on Abortion and Violence in South America: Dissonant Sense Making / Claudia Lagos and Lorena Antezana -- 10. States of Exception: Gender-based Violence in the Global South / Sujata Moorti -- 11. Bringing Race into Feminist Digital Media Studies / Lori Kido Lopez -- 12. Conservative Women in Power: A New Predicament for Transnational Feminist Media Research / Esra Özcan -- 13. Gender and the Mediated Political Sphere from a Feminist Theory Lens / Dustin harp and Ingrid Bachmann -- Part III. Feminist Strategies and Activism : 14. "Hashtag Feminism": Activism or Slacktivism? / Gina Masullo Chen, Paramita Pain, and Briana Barner -- 15. Teaching Girls Online Skills for Knowledge Projects: A Research-Based Feminist Intervention / Stine Eckert and Linda Steiner -- 16. (Re)writing Women's Lives: A Call for Media Scholars to Renew Their Efforts at Feminist Biography / Marilyn Greenwalk -- 17. The Intangible Stories of War Carpets: War, Media, and Mediation / Minoo Moallem -- Index
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