Chicana feminist thought : the basic historical writings

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Chicana Feminist Thought brings together the voices of Chicana poets, writers, and activists who reflect upon the Chicana Feminist Movement that began in the late 1960s. With energy and passion, th...

Chicana Feminist Thought brings together the voices of Chicana poets, writers, and activists who reflect upon the Chicana Feminist Movement that began in the late 1960s. With energy and passion, this anthology of writings documents the personal and collective political struggles of Chicana feminists.

edited by Alma M. Garcia
  • Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2014
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  • First published 1997 by Routledge.
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  • Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Table of Contents; Acknowledgments; Copyright Information; Introduction; PART I VOICES OF CHICANA FEMINISTS: AN EMERGING CONSCIOUSNESS; 1. New Voice of La Raza: Chicanas Speak Out; 2. La Chicana: Her Role in the Past and Her Search for a New Role in the Future; 3. The Woman of La Raza; 4. La Chicana; 5. A Chicana's Message; 6. Women of the Mexican American Movement; 7. Chicana Consciousness: A New Perspective, A New Hope; 8. Our Feminist Heritage; 9. La Visión Chicana; 10. La Chicana: Legacy of Suffering and Self-Denial
  • 11. Chicanas on the Move12. Chicana Feminism; 13. The Emerging "Chicana"; 14. Chicana Writer Breaking Out of the Silence; PART II CORE THEMES IN CHICANA FEMINIST THOUGHT; SECTION ONE CHICANA FEMINISM AND THE POLITICS OF THE CHICANO MOVEMENT; 15. La Mujer in the Chicano Movement; 16. The Chicanas; 17. La Chicana: Her Role in the Movement; 18. Viva La Chicana and All Brave Women of La Causa; 19. El Movimiento and the Chicana; 20. La Chicana y El Movimiento; 21. La Feminista; 22. Chicanas and El Movimiento; 23. The New Chicana and Machismo; 24. Sexism in the Movimiento
  • 25. The Role of the Chicana within the Student MovementSECTION TWO ANALYZING THE DYNAMICS OF CHICANA OPPRESSION; 26. ¡Despierten Hermanas! The Women of La Raza-Part II; 27. Introduction to Encuentro Femenil; 28. Macho Attitudes; 29. The Adelitas' Role in El Moviemiento; 30. Chicanas and Abortion; 31. Malintzín Tenepal: A Preliminary Look Into a New Perspective; 32. Chicanas in the Labor Force; 33. The Chicana-Perspectives for Education; 34. Women's Rights and the Mexican-American Woman; 35. Unequal Opportunity and the Chicana; SECTION THREE MAPPING A CHICANA FEMINIST AGENDA
  • 36. Chicana Conferences and Seminars, 1970-197537. Chicana Symposium; 38. Resolutions from the Chicana Workshop; 39. Chicana Service Action Center; 40. Comisión Femenil Mexicana; 41. Chicanas Attend Vancouver Conference; 42. Chicana Regional Conference; 43. La Conferencia De Mujeres Por La Raza: Houston, Texas, 1971; 44. Conference of Mexican Women in Houson-Un Remolino [A Whirlwind]; 45. Chicana Encounter; 46. CCHE Conference; 47. Party Platform on Chicanas, 1971; 48. Party Platform on Chicanas, 1992; 49. National Chicano Political Conference, 1972; 50. Third World Women Meet
  • 51. Report from the National Women's Political Caucus52. Mujeres Por La Raza Unida (1974); 53. Presentation by Chicanas of La Raza Unida Party; 54. A Chicana's Look at the International Women's Year Conference; 55. The 1977 National Women's Conference in Houston; 56. Looking for Room of One's Own; SECTION FOUR CHICANA FEMINISTS AND WHITE FEMINISTS: UNRESOLVED CONFLICTS; 57. ¡Soy Chicana Primero!; 58. La Chicana, Chicano Movement and Women's Liberation; 59. Feminism As We See It; 60. Chicana Liberation; 61. The Chicana and the Women's Rights Movement; 62. The Progress of the Chicana Woman
  • 63. Among the Feminists: Racist Classist Issues-1976
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