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LEADER02785cam a2200421 i 4500
001 991022415377002122
005 20200219074117.0
008 191004s2020 nyu 000 0 eng d
015    $aGBB9I0610$2bnb
016 7_ $a019601133$2Uk
020    $a9781612198347$qpaperback
020    $a1612198341$qpaperback
035    $a(YBP)16291212
035    $a(OCoLC)1127111192
035    $a(OCoLC)on1127111192
035    $a(EXLNZ-01UWI_NETWORK)9912886803702121
040    $aUKMGB$beng$erda$cUKMGB$dOCLCF$dOCLCO$dCMI$dWIM$dJTH$dVP@$dIH9$dYDX$dGZM
049    $aGZMA
050 14 $aHD6053$b.G46 2020
082 04 $a305.4$223
100 1_ $aGeorge-Allen, Sam$eauthor.
245 10 $aWitches :$bthe transformative power of women working together /$cSam George-Allen.
246 30 $aTransformative power of women working together
264 _1 $aBrooklyn :$bMelville House,$c[2020]
300    $a278 pages ;$c21 cm
336    $atext$btxt$2rdacontent
337    $aunmediated$bn$2rdamedia
338    $avolume$bnc$2rdacarrier
505 0_ $aTeen girls: this emotion -- Girl bands: In concert -- Make-up: The beauty club -- Sports women: The body is a verb -- Dancers: Moving together in time -- Trans women: Transitioning to girl power -- Midwives: Maga gravida -- Sex workers: Laws of Babylon -- Farmers: Turning the Earth -- Matriarchal societies: Imagining Themyscira -- Nuns: a radical order -- Aunty dawn daylight: Dawn in Brisbane -- Witches: The crone.
520    $a"A celebration of the revolutionary potential of women working with other women, and a powerful statement about myths like the "cool girl" or the "catty workplace". Covens. Girl Bands. Ballet troupes. Convents. In all times and places, girls and women have come together in communities of vocation, of necessity, of support. In Witches, Sam George-Allen explores how wherever women gather, magic happens. Female farmers change the way we grow our food. Online beauty communities democratize skin-care rituals. And more than any other demographic, it's teen girls that shape our culture. Patriarchal societies have long been content to champion boys' clubs, while viewing groups that exclude men as sites of rivalry and suspicion. This deeply personal investigation takes us from our workplaces to our social circles, surveying our heroes, our outcasts, and ourselves, in order to dismantle the persistent and pernicious cultural myth of female isolation and competition . . . once and for all."--Publisher's website.
650 _0 $aWomen.
650 _0 $aWomen$xEmployment.
650 _0 $aFemale friendship.
650 _0 $aWomen employees.
650 _7 $aFemale friendship.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst00922609
650 _7 $aWomen.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01176568
650 _7 $aWomen employees.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01177615
650 _7 $aWomen$xEmployment.$2fast$0(OCoLC)fst01176715
950    $a20200219$bdms$cc$dp$egls$9local


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