Democracy in America

De la démocratie en Amérique. English (Bowen : Online)
Tocqueville, Alexis de, 1805-1859 author

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  • Consists of four main parts. Part 1 is the centerpiece. Using the first edition of the English translation prepared by Francis Bowen (Cambridge, Mass.: Sever and Francis, 1862) as the basis of the digital edition, it not only contains the text of the work but also citations and links to specific pages in the source materials used and/or cited by Tocqueville. Cited works, if in a language other than English, include links to English translations when available. If the cited source is in manuscript form, e.g., a letter by Thomas Jefferson, links are included not only to the manuscript, but to a transcription of the letter where available. Whenever possible, the digital version to which the text is linked is that of a specific edition cited by Tocqueville. In instances where the edition of a work was not clearly identified either by Tocqueville or elsewhere, the digital version is of a resource contemporary to Tocqueville. Additionally, to supplement the text, extensive editorial notes drawn from several other English translations have been matched to the text of the 'Bowen' edition. These are included as notes in the sources list within the library. Part 2 includes digital versions of as many works as are available that were cited and/or consulted by Tocqueville in the research and writing of Democracy in America. Part 3 will eventually include all known editions of Democracy in America, regardless of language, with the exception of excerpts and partial translations. We have elected not to include these volumes in the library at this time. Part 4 includes selected Tocqueville scholarship that has been published over the last century and a half.


  • Website developed by Alan Keely (Director for Collection Services, Wake Forest University).
  • English; some text in French; translated from the French.
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