Sino-Latin American economic and trade relations

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  • Intro; Series Preface; Preface; Acknowledgements; Contents; 1 Sixty Years of Sino-Latin American Relations: Review and Reflection; 1.1 Review on Sino-Latin American Relations; 1.1.1 Stage One: Non-governmental Exchanges (1949-1969); 1.1.2 Stage Two: Peaks in the Establishment of Diplomatic Ties (1970-1977); 1.1.3 Stage Three: Equality, Mutual Benefits, and Common Development (1978-1992); 1.1.4 Stage Four: Establishment of Long-Term Stable Relations (1993-2000); 1.2 "Leap-Forward Development" of Sino-Latin American Relations in the New Century
  • 1.3 Economic Factors in Sino-Latin American Relations1.3.1 China and Latin America Are Mutual Economic and Trade Cooperation Partner; 1.3.2 China's Economic Benefits in Latin America; 1.3.3 Latin America's Economic Interests in China; 1.4 Five Thoughts on "Development Interests" in Sino-Latin American Relations; 1.4.1 Economic Development Has Become the Priority for Aligning Sino-Latin American "Development Interests"; 1.4.2 Expanding Investment in Resource-Based Industries Is an Effective Way to Align Sino-Latin American "Development Interests"
  • 1.4.3 Addressing Trade Frictions in a Proper Way Can Facilitate Sino-Latin American "Development Interests"1.4.4 Promotion of Chinese "Soft Power" in Latin America Is an Historical Necessity for the Alignment Of Sino-Latin American "Development Interests"; 1.4.5 Deep Strategic Mutual Trust Is an Important Condition for the Alignment Of Sino-Latin American "Development Interests"; Bibliography; 2 Sino-Latin American Comprehensive Cooperation: Development Logic, Driving Forces, and Prospects; 2.1 Sino-Latin American Cooperation: From "1+33" to "1+1"
  • 2.1.1 The Sino-LAC Comprehensive Cooperation Is a Must for China's International Strategy in the New Era2.1.2 The Latin American Diplomatic "Pacific Strategy" Prioritizes China; 2.2 Intrinsic Drives and Extrinsic Pressures Of Sino-Latin American Comprehensive Cooperation; 2.2.1 The Comprehensive Sino-Latin American Cooperation Is a Natural Result of the Sino-Latin American Relationship; 2.2.2 Comprehensive Sino-Latin American Cooperation Is Driven by New Trends in South-South Cooperation; 2.2.3 Sino-Latin American Cooperation Follows the General Trend of Inter-regional Cooperation
  • 2.2.4 Comprehensive Sino-Latin American Cooperation Is Mutually Beneficial During Economic Transition2.3 Comprehensive Sino-Latin American Cooperation: Planning and Principles; 2.4 Challenges Facing Comprehensive Sino-Latin American Cooperation; 2.4.1 Complex Geopolitics of the LAC Region; 2.4.2 Different Attitudes Toward Cooperation; 2.4.3 Pressure on Bilateral Trade; 2.4.4 The Complexity of the LAC Business Environment; 2.4.5 Skillfully Managing the Chinese Relationship with Countries with Which China Has no Diplomatic Ties; 2.5 Implementing Comprehensive Sino-Latin American Cooperation
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