Journey to the Earth's Interior

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  • How do we know what the interior of the Earth is like if we've never been there? In this session, participants examine the internal structure of the Earth and learn how it is possible for entire continents to move across its surface.


  • Originally released by Annenberg Learner, 2004.
  • Streaming video file encoded with permission for digital streaming by Infobase on November 06, 2018.
  • Streaming video file.
  • Closed-captioned.


  • Introduction: Journey to the Earth's Interior (3:44); Outer Part of Earth (1:57); How Do Land Masses Move Across Earth's Surface? (2:40); Is Water a Factor? (3:32); Earthquakes (3:29); The Earth's Core (2:45); Molten Core (3:54); Digging Deep (5:08); Keith Whittle's Class (3:20); Understanding P and S Waves (6:05); Seismic Stations (3:21); Liquid Outer Core (2:08); Source of Magma (4:04); Structure of Our Planet (2:13); Fluid Solids (3:10); Review: Journey to the Earth's Interior (4:42); Credits: Journey to the Earth's Interior (1:33)
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