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History of Women in the United States : Historical Articles on Women's Lives and Activities. Volume 20, Feminist Struggles for Sex Equality

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  • Includes index.
  • English


  • Frontmatter -- Contents -- Series Preface -- Introduction -- Feminist Struggles for Sex Equality -- Feminist Friends: Agrarian Quakers and the Emergence of Woman's Rights in America / HEWITT, NANCY A. -- Women's Rights and the Wrongs of Marriage in Mid-Nineteenth-Century America / BASCH, FRANÇOISE -- Labor's True Woman: Domesticity and Equal Rights in the Knights of Labor / LEVINE, SUSAN -- Sisters of the Grange: Rural Feminism in the Late Nineteenth Century / MARTI, DONALD B. -- Populism and Feminism in a Newspaper by and for Women of the Kansas Farmers' Alliance, 1891-1894 / Brady, Marilyn Dell -- The Anarchist-Feminist Response to the "Woman Question" in Late Nineteenth-Century America / Marsh, Margaret S. -- Feminist Responses to "Crimes against Women," 1868-1896 / PLECK, ELIZABETH -- Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Feminist's Struggle with Womanhood / HILL, MARY A. -- The Women's Trade Union League and American Feminism / JACOBY, ROBIN MILLER -- Creating a Feminist Alliance: Sisterhood and Class Conflict in the New York Women's Trade Union League, 1903-1914 / DYE, NANCY SCHROM -- Feminism as Life-Process: The Life and Career of Lucy Sprague Mitchell / ANTLER, JOYCE -- Feminist Politics in the 1920s: The National Woman's Party / COTT, NANCY F. -- The National Woman's Party and the Origins of the Equal Rights Amendment, 1920-1923 / GEIDEL, PETER -- Feminist Against Feminist: The First Phase of the Equal Rights Amendment Debate, 1923-1963 / SEALANDER, JUDITH -- Organized Women in Mississippi: The Clash over Legal Disabilities in the 1920's / SWAIN, MARTHA H. -- Challenging "Woman's Place": Feminism, the Left, and Industrial Unionism in the 1930s / STROM, SHARON HARTMAN -- Humor and Gender Roles: The "Funny" Feminism of the Post-World War II Suburbs / WALKER, NANCY -- The Women's Community in the National Woman's Party, 1945 to the 1960s / RUPP, LEILA J. -- Women Activists, Southern Conservatives, and the Prohibition of Sex Discrimination in Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act / BRAUER, CARL M . -- The Origins of the Women's Liberation Movement / EVANS, SARA M. -- Race, Class, and Gender: Prospects for an All-Inclusive Sisterhood / DILL, BONNIE THORNTON -- The Rise and Fall of Feminist Organizations in the 1970s: Dayton as a Case Study / SEALANDER, JUDITH / SMITH, DOROTHY -- Feminism and the Contemporary Family / EASTON, BARBARA -- A Response to Inequality: Black Women, Racism, and Sexism / LEWIS, DIANE K. -- Copyright Information -- Index
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