Their footprints remain : biomedical beginnings across the Indo-Tibetan frontier

McKay, Alex

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  • "By the end of the 19th century, British imperial medical officers and Christian medical missionaries began to introduce Western medicine to Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan. Their Footprints Remain uses archival sources, personal letters, diaries, and oral sources in order to tell the fascinating story of how this once-new medical system became imbedded in the Himalayas. Of interest to anyone with an interest in medical history and anthropology, as well as the Himalayan world, this volume not only identifies the individuals involved and describes how they helped to spread this form of imperialist medicine, but also discusses its reception by a local people whose own medical practices were based on an entirely different understanding of the world"--Publisher's description.


  • Includes bibliographical references.


  • Table of Contents; Preface; Ch. 1: On the topological complexity of three languages; Ch. 2: Nondeterministic controllers of nondeterministic processes; Ch. 3: Reachability in continuous-time Markov reward decision preocesses; Ch. 4: Logical theories and compatible operations; Ch. 5: Forest algebras; Ch. 6: Automata and semigroups recognizing infinite words; Ch. 7: Deterministic graph grammars; Ch. 8: Quantifier-free definable graph operations preserving recognizability; Ch. 9: First-order definable languages; Ch. 10 : Matrix-based complexity functions and recognizable picture languages
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